Website Design

Is your business running without a website? Let us create one for you.

Right now Retail Systems is offering to create a website for any businesses looking for a
cost effective solution.  We can also set up social media pages on behalf of your business to help gain some awareness and popularity to ensure you appeal to your clientele on a variety of platforms. Don’t waste your time spending money on an external source that could charge thousands of dollars, get a website with Retail Systems for just $599*! Don’t think you will need a website? There are a variety of additional benefits having a website can provide you and as we are offering this solution at a very low cost there should be no doubt of a return on investment for your business.


How can it benefit your business?

- One of the most cost effective ways of advertising your business

- Customers are able to gain information from you 24 hours a day 365 days a year!

- Break through geographical barriers and expand your market with a website

- Improve your overall credibility: use a website to inform consumers about your
  business and the people within it

- The convenience of internet usage to gather information

*Retail Systems will provide a number of website templates for you to choose from.  Your website can include up to
4 pages of content, with all relevant images and text to be passed on by you.  The price includes the cost of the domain name registration as well as website hosting for the first 12 months. Once you have selected one template, you will be unable to change without an additional charge.



Optional Extras

-   Online product ordering and payment set-up

-   Your own personal website template

-   Additional pages to your website

-   Social Media Page Setup

-   All extras will be subject to additional charges depending on work and costs involved.