Tutorials and Documentation

Tutorials & Documentation

With our years of industry relevant experience Infinity caters to the desires of the market in terms of training and support.  Been using a system for many years, and finding it hard to handle new processes? Learn better in your own time? Want to try new features of the system and you’re unsure how?  Infinity can solve all these issues by providing you with: thorough documentation for processes and features, video tutorials for training purposes and online customer portals available within a few clicks.

What exactly will be made available to me?

Infinity will allow customers’ access to documentation for every feature within the software as well a ‘how to’ on every common process retailers are likely to use the system for. 

This will include:

- ‘How to add new products to the system’

- ‘How to do a purchase order’

- ‘How can I adjust the keyboard layout of the POS’ etc.

As an Infinity customer you will have access to all this, even after you receive thorough product training from our fantastic support staff.

How will this benefit my business?

The reason for this is to ensure the changeover from your old product to Infinity is as seamless as possible.  We understand that after having an existing Point of Sale system for many years, certain processes just become automatic and very hard to adapt.  With the right training and help made available our customers will become familiar with our system as soon as possible.  By choosing Infinity we guarantee you will have the opportunity to access and use every feature you want out of the system; whether that be through one-on-one training, following documentation or viewing video tutorials.  To find out more about the features of Infinity, Contact us today!