Stand-alone POS

Stand-Alone POS

During the development of Infinity, those experienced within the newsagents and retail industry identified key issues store owners and managers were having when it came to their Point of Sale system.  Based on these issues, coupled with the demands of a changing industry; Infinity decided to develop a feature in the POS that the market demanded. 
We like to call this feature ‘Stand-Alone POS’. 

What is it?

Infinity’s Stand-Alone POS has the ability to continue trading, even when your Backoffice PC may go offline.  Infinity’s POS will just continue to operate in offline mode until the Backoffice is able to go online again.  When the Backoffice is finally functioning at full swing, the POS will simply send all the information collected while it was operating in offline mode back to the Backoffice.  Inventory and sales reports will then be updated and your business will be running as normal.

How can it benefit your business?

By having a Stand-Alone POS your business will be able to continue to operate more often without fault, with issues of system connection also becoming less urgent.  Operations automatically run much smoother, easing the stress of not being able to process sales at all.  By recording what has happened at the POS during offline mode, your business can also still accurately track inventory and sales once the Backoffice is online again, without losing any data in the process.  

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