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Features List 

Separate scanning, bagging and payment units

Monitoring of customer actions for security

Modern look and feel which adds to your store

Easy to use, reliable and efficient technology

 Self Checkouts

The self checkout systems provided by Retail Systems have been specifically engineered to incorporate together the functionality of easy to use software, with the innovative technology that allows customers to do it themselves.

Your business will thrive with this technology as your dependability on employees will be significantly reduced, you can generate income faster as your customers aren't standing in line, and the look of your store will be greatly improved.

Self checkouts are a great return on investment that will get you ahead of your competition so you will surely save time, and money on labour costs.

With this technology your customers will enjoy the interaction with the simple to follow prompts and will appreciate not having to wait in lines to purchase what they want. They will also experience the modernised look and feel to your grocery store and the easy to use technology will have them coming back again and again.

 How can it benefit your business?

Lower your marginal costs of doing business by being less reliant on so many employees

Increase customer satisfaction and shopping experience by fitting more checkouts in

Have the best technology available for your customers ease of use and enjoyment

The ability to monitor customers actions means far less potential theft