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Features List

Cameras hidden out of the way

Strategically placed for maximum protection

The ability to watch footage almost anywhere

Secure and protected vieweing experience 
Security and Surveillance Cameras

Retail System’s security software and hardware has been specifically designed to work for hospitality and grocery industries to ensure that you know everything that happens within your business. 

By integrating the point of sale transactions with the security footage, our software will enable you to quickly and easily identify errors with missing stock, or even fraudulent behaviour by staff for easy identification.

With our software and hardware, security breaches and issues can be managed from a distance, discreetly and personally. 

With advanced security software you will have the ability to pinpoint fraudulent behaviour with a date, time and location stamp for evidence.

For the safety and security of your staff and customers, surveillance cameras can be placed in strategic locations to ensure maximum coverage and visibility. You will benefit from viewing live footage to see exactly how your business functions even when you aren't there. 

 How can it benefit your business?

Isolate POS when searching for a time and date to find exactly what you are looking for

Overlay video footage with detailed transaction display

Have the knowledge of how your staff interact with your customers

Eliminate no-sale voids and over-rings