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Hands free scanning technology

Superior data capturing performance

Integration with connected networks

Easy monitoring of stock and sales

These innovative scanners are specifically designed to compliment and enhance your scanner operations. Make your store more efficient with the hands-free laser scanner available for your grocery industry. Instantly increase your overall efficiency and become more competitive with our quick and accurate bar-code scanning device.

Easily and swiftly move your customers through the check out with the powerful and reliable hands-free scanners. The advanced product capturing performance abilities of this scanner can easily show you what products are being sold when so you can make predictions about future product purchasing trends. Ensuring you wont run out of a certain product, for example, on a public holiday, like you may have done previously. 

The seamless integration module that is that is continually connected to surrounding networks ensures you won't miss a single minute of information about the buying and selling trends within your grocery store.

 How can it benefit your business?

Speed your customers through the check outs faster to reduce put-backs by mind changing

Superior data capture performance that is easy to use

Seamless integration with other network connections and information systems

Monitor what and when products are sold to predict purchasing habits