Santa Fe

The winner of the Best Mexican Restaurant Award in both 2011 and 2012, Santa Fe has chosen to have their Point of Sale solutions provided by Retail Systems Pty Ltd.

 “Retail Systems offered the best package we needed for our demands as a high volume restaurant…They were great at answering all of our needs and being reliable with follow up.” – Veronica Kuiper, Santa Fe.

The POS package that was constructed specifically for Santa Fe in November 2012 includes multiple iPad Minis for efficient and reliable table ordering, two check out systems displaying both a drinks list and the kitchen list that are linked with the table ordering software for easy billing, as well as a steadfast staff rostering solution that is linked with the point of sale software for accurate employee rostering and payment.

“The service and products they offer is a complete package that we were after…The programming will be more efficient, user-friendly and save time to manage the staff better.”

These solutions will enable Santa Fe to significantly reduce errors in the table ordering process, right through to the payment method at the end of the customer’s experience. The owner of Santa Fe has found comfort in knowing the point of sale software is linked to their staff rostering solution, ensuring there is complete accurate monitoring of sick/holiday leave and employee working hours, with absolutely no need for hand-written physical time sheets.

Santa Fe will be benefiting from their tailored POS solution provided by Retail Systems early next week. It will make their increasingly busy restaurant easier and more efficient to run and organise for every day functioning.

Hopefully we can look forward to another Best Mexican Restaurant Award in 2013. Good luck Santa Fe!