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Options to Email, SMS, and Print Rosters

Employees can be setup to work multiple locations, department, roles and pay rates

Employees have access to roster, available shift options, and time sheets

Qualitification/Certification prompts on employees file when close to expiration
Rostering Software

Retail System's Rostering Software is a flexible and robust application that has three different types of Rosters including Department, Employee, and Event. The software will be custom built after an analysis of you and your business' needs to ensure they are met. 

This software is a complete rostering solution that takes into account normal rates, penalty rates and all allowances. It is simple to use but has the complexity to handle a multitude of unusual factors such as 24 hr monitoring, multiple shifts and meal breaks and variable shifts.

Employees availability maps are also linked into this module so managers can easily source available employees and can filter them so to easily pick the correct employee.

 How can it benefit your business?

Easily produce rosters that take into account meal breaks, employee availability and more

Send out your rosters via the medium that is most suited to your employees (SMS, Email, Printed)

Reduce employee error about rosters as the software reminds them of their next shift as they clock off 

The correct staffing levels will lower labour costs, increase your productivity and service levels