Procedure Workflow

Procedure Workflow

Infinity was designed by those experienced in the industry to be as user-friendly and modern as possible.  This is done by streamlining many common processes that occur during the operation of your store/s. By reducing the steps required in each process, your business becomes more efficient.  Workflows can significantly reduce these steps.  

What is workflow?

Workflow provides a step by step task management system to ensure processes are carried out correctly every time.  Depending on your business requirements you can create new or modify existing workflows as a part of the Infinity solution.  The use of
Workflow steps ensure that every process can be identified accurately as to what stage they are at.  Want a Workflow not on the system? They can be custom built for your business needs and priorities.

How will this benefit my business?

Workflow replaces the hassles of spending far too much time learning new processes on a new system.  As the process is streamlined, nobody does anything differently and the steps towards a task are exactly the same every time.  This means: all tasks become quicker, less mistakes are made, there is no way to do a process differently and it is much easier to train any new staff to the system. With all these possibilities the changeover to Infinity is seamless. To find out about the other features of Infinity, Contact us today!