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No data entry

No award interpretation

No leave forms to process

No deciphering handwritten timesheets
 Payroll Processing

The payroll processing is that time that every employer dreads. With Retail System's break through technology, it doesn't have to be! Our payroll solution will cut your manual processing time in half.

Don't waste your time trying to read messy writing, figure out if your employees time sheets are correct, or accidentally over or under pay someone ever again. Our finger scanning technology ensures that only the individual employee can clock them selves on and off, and delivers the information directly to you for easy payment processing.

Let the software take all of the excessive strain out of your payroll. You won't need to sit for hours as you input data into the computer, figuring out what an employees time sheet says and then questioning if they did actually work that much. Just sit back and let our solution do a majority of the work for you. You know exactly what an employee worked when, as they have to scan their finger to clock on. All the data is stored on the computer for your instant convenience.

 How can it benefit your business?

Cut your payroll processing time in half compared to manual processing

Never under or over pay staff again

Keep track of employee working hours to stop wrongful payments or late workers

You wont have to question if an employee's time sheet is correct