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It allows for peace of mind knowing your data is protected.

Regular updates ensures the latest data is available when you need it.

If a backup is unsuccessful, we will be notified immediately and will contact you to ensure the next back up is successfully completed.


Online Disaster Recovery System

No matter the size or longevity of your company,

your data is priceless.

So what would you do if it was lost in a fire? Or someone accidently deleted an entire chunk of data? Normally, you would never be able to get that back.

Now with our Online Disaster Recovery System, you will have the ability to retrieve what was once lost.  

In the event (such as a fire) we can do a full disaster recovery, extracting all of your lost data. This will make it easier for you when you start to rebuild. 

How Do Back-ups Work?

We configure our back-up software to talk to our online servers. From here, your data is sent via the internet to those servers with incremental back-ups. This will give you the confidence in knowing that your data is safely stored in our online servers. We monitor these servers regularly to ensure your back-ups are running smoothly.

 Our Current Fees:

3 year Licence                            $250

Install                                       $360

Usage                                $10 per week

(Data reconstruction and loading fees apply)