Time and Attendance   


Retail Systems also offers Time & Attendance systems to many businesses spanning across a wide variety of retail and staff environments. There are numerous benefits associated with implementing a time and attendance system but the main ones are that you save time and money. Specifically, you will save money as time theft is eliminated through the use of kiosks, employees’ clock on and clock off – giving you an accurate representation
of hours actually worked.


At the same time, employees can use a Finger Vein Reader (FVR) to clock on. This also helps in eliminating the issue of late employees, or those taking longer breaks as only the employee themselves can clock themselves on and off. The FVR does this by analysing the veins within your finger to determine who you are, making it a lot more accurate than a finger print reader, which can easily be affected by damaged skin. 

You can also save loads of time by using Retail Systems automated Time & Attendance system. Eliminating manual errors and hours of time wasted, this system can automatically complete the payroll process, even if you have more than one site. To read more about the multi-site capabilities, just click the image on the right