Grocery POS                 

Retail Systems currently provides Point of Sale systems to several IGA supermarkets (including IGA Xpress and Metcash hosted supermarkets) and also provides hardware support to other supermarkets and convenience stores including: Farmer Jacks, Limes Fresh and Boatshed Fresh Markets . Our POS systems are metcash accredited and completely suited for the grocery industry. We understand the demand for convenience, durability and efficiency within this industry, which is why we offer a multitude of products and services that will satisfy these needs.  Some of these include: EFTPOS integration, live updating/stock control, scanner/scale calibration and self-serve check outs.

We also offer iPad Point of Sale systems. These are great for queue busting during peak periods such as Christmas and Easter. The use of iPads will decrease customer waiting times, increase sales therefore increase profits. Click the image to find out more about our iPad POS systems.  Alternatively, iPads can also be used in combination with some of our equipment for stocktake and ordering purposes, allowing you to complete these daily tasks in a portable and more time-effective fashion.

Don’t forget about Retail Systems Support services. We offer software, hardware servicing and support packages that will help keep your business flowing, particularly in emergencies and times of need. Don’t worry if you didn’t purchase your POS system from us, we are still happy to assist you with any problems you may be experiencing. To read more about our support options, click the image on the right.