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Monitoring of employee working actions

Easily know who is working where and when

Timesheets and absence notices are electronically processed

Software that works to make your business smoother and easier to run

 Multi-Sites Software

With Retail System's Multi-Site Software, no longer will you have to worry about monitoring all of your business locations individually. Our technologically advanced software makes it easier than ever to know exactly what all of your employees are doing, what the sales are like, and all of the aspects about each of your business locations, all in one easy to use piece of software.

Time consuming actions such as processing payrolls for each of your businesses, approving or rejecting applications for leave, and monitoring working hours are all completed in half the time with Retail System's Multi-Sites Package.

All of our software is custom designed around the needs for your business and yourself. Call us or book a demonstration to discover how our software can save you a heap of time, energy and money.

 How can it benefit your business?

Have complete control over all of your business sites, whether you are there or not

Eliminate paying for employees long lunches, late starts and early finishes

Easily accept or reject employees application for leave on the computer

Reduce staff forgetting to work, software reminds them of their next shift when they clock out