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Effectively display all of your current menu items to up-sell

Quality material ensures you get the best

Custom designed and unique look to suit your business

Designed for maximum impact, easy to clean and navigate 

 Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards are a great improvement on the dull and hard to read white boards. Retail System's custom designed menu boards can be easily altered and updated to ensure the latest menu information is predominant. Effectively advertise your sales or promotional materials with our innovative boards.

With these menu boards you can easily lead your customers to higher-priced dishes and entree, influence their decisions by promoting daily specials and enhance the image of your hospitality business.


 How can it benefit your business?

Display quality menu items to encourage consumption by customers

Make a positive first impression to your customers with a custom designed menu board

Assist staff members with remembering excessive amounts of products available

Establish a positive hospitality brand identity and serve your customers fast and easily