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Easy visual identification of items

Increased efficiency and less mistakes

Set up times for visual reminders

Split screen view for larger orders

Kitchen Monitors

Retail System's Kitchen Monitors are designed for fast moving environments and by delivering the orders to a visual display, work towards increasing efficiency and accuracy. This technology cuts out human error which makes up a majority of mistakes made in fast moving restaurants.

The ease of use and instant visuals facilitate an organsied work space and a prioritised preparation of orders. This means you deliver faster customer service with fewer mistakes.

With our advanced technology, written orders and scribbled notes will be a thing of the past. Instantly uploaded orders to the kitchen monitors makes it easy to read.

Our system can be configured to your specific restaurant needs and is specifically targeted at increasing the momentum while decreasing the stress of an improperly organised kitchen.

 How can it benefit your business?

Prioritise orders ensuring fast and efficient customer service

Split screen capabilities for large orders mean everything is done correctly

It will cut out a huge percentage of mistakes made by trying to decipher messy hand written orders

Obtain summarised preparation information to easily facilitate cooking