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Features List 

Additional advertising to customers

Pictures showcase available food to entice

Most well known and easy to use technology

Memorable experiences for your customers
iPad Point of Sale

Not only are the paper menus boring and outdated, they don't get you the amount of sales you could be getting. Revolutionise your business with the most exciting and innovative menu you can buy: the Menu Pad!

With the technology you can showcase your food and drinks with amazing pictures to increase the amount that your customers will buy. Tempt them with you desserts, cocktails and delicacies they wouldn't usually splurge on.

You will be able to advertise new and upcoming events, promotions, specials, new meals and drinks to your customers to increase revenue and sales.

No longer will tacky and cheap menus fill your tables, taking away from the amazing decor. Let this stylish technology show the class that your restaurant has. Not only will you reap the benefits, but your customers will love having such an enjoyable time within your business.

 How can it benefit your business?

Unleash dynamic up-selling and cross-selling technologies

Most interactive table top menu system to use

Improve customer interaction with enjoyment and digital rich content

Showcase upcoming events, promotions, food and drink to entice customers