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Advises staff via messages whether leave has been approved

Creates annual leave shifts for payroll if leave is approved

Employee is flagged as unavailable if leave is approved

Sends staff a message about their leave application
 Holiday Scheduling Software

Managing your employees leave applications doesn't have to be a difficult task. The completely automatic solution will ensure that leave application is an easy and precise process.

Retail System's will custom design a solution around you and your business' needs. Simply, the employee applies for leave through the timetarget kiosk, which send the information directly to the back office. You can choose to either accept of decline the application and the employee will be notified of your decision by mail.

The software will flag that employee as unavailable while they are on leave, and it will also be included in the payroll of their leave time. 

Retail Systems will design the Holiday Scheduling Software around your needs. Call us or book a demonstration to find out how it will benefit your business.

 How can it benefit your business?

At a glance knowledge of available and unavailable staff for rosters

Approve or reject leave applications by mail

Electronic applications of leave ensure no human error mistakes are made by logging the application properly

Pay your staff properly when they have taken annual leave as this software links to the payroll