General Retail Point of Sale

Retail POS          

 Retail Systems has a very adaptable and trusted point of  sale solution for the retail environment. This solution is  also constantly updated to suit a range of specific  concerns or variables most relevant to your type of retail  outlet.  Integrated Eftpos, automatic reporting, discount  and stock management, integration with certain hosts and  loyalty programs are just some of the features a point of  sale package may include .

 Want to provide your customers with a number of  payment options and a fast, secure service with less  chance of human error? Then integrated eftpos is an  essential to have when considering Point of Sale  solutions. Some benefits of the bank supplied terminals  connected to the POS include: the possiblity of providing  your customers with a cash-out facility, faster transaction  processing, less mistakes by staff entering the wrong  invoice amount and the terminals can process debit, credit  and charge cards.

 We understand that the success of your business is  imperative, it can take many efforts to gain a new  customer but seconds to lose a current one. This is  why we also offer you the ability to create  loyalty  cards. Keep those customers by offering them  incentives to do so. Repeat customers bring in more  revenue than new customers, so why not try to  keep your loyal customers happy? 

 Our retail solution has several features integrating your email  into the software so data is available for you to analyse within  seconds.  Observe what products are selling well, determine  what aged stock may need to go on sale before expiry, create  purchase orders straight away when a product is running low  or about to be promoted and send your suppliers critical  information all without having to monitor or enter data manually. 
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