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Intelligent software which picks up on errors

Reduced labour time

Ease of use and instantly changeable

Easily advertise sales and upsell
 Electronic Shelf Labels

Electronic shelf labels are in innovation on the originals printed on paper and labour driven as they are positioned by staff. When you have a sale or an item on special, simply input the data into the back office computer and the information will be changed on the shelf labels. 
This will cut out employee labour time.

Retail System's electronic shelf labels also counteract the mistakes that can be made. The intelligent software picks up on possible errors such as when the product special matches the original product price. The solution even knows when the special will end for each product, to cut out human error of not taking sale tickets down. A mistake which reduces your profit and leaves a bad impression of your store. 

 How can it benefit your business?

Eliminate the errors of sale prices

Instantly update product pricing information within back office

Reduce the reliability on employees to change and update tickets

Software knows what date a product special is ending and will adjust accordingly