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Features List 

Processes debit, credit and charge cards

Faster transaction processing

Obtain purchase, refund, cash out, settlements, and transaction history

Electronic fall-back facility
Integrated EFTPOS

Retail System's can provide a cost effective counter-top payment terminal with an integrated PIN pad. Our integrated EFTPOS is perfect for small to large business transaction needs. It's lightweight and ergonomic design makes it easy to pass over the counter for ease of use by your customers and staff.

The long magnetic strip ensures that cards are easily read for increased performance. 

The specifically engineered payment terminal has been ergonomically designed to be fast, quiet, and secure. The large graphical display has an adjustable contrast to suit any industry's lighting conditions.

The customisable lens can be used to promote the customer logo/brand, and only one cable is needed for all external connection ports.

 How can it benefit your business?

Simple to set up and easily integrated with your point of sale software

It's fast and allows your customers to pay quickly and efficiently 

Reduces the risk of fraud through the authorisation process

It's a stylish and compact piece of technology that makes payments fast and easy