Backoffice Automation

Backoffice Automation

Infinity has set itself apart from other products on the market with a variety of features that simply won’t be found in other solutions.  These features are designed to make day-to-day processes simple and easy, and to save you the hassle of having to contact us.  The possibility of automating specific tasks is just one of the many points of difference Infinity prides itself on.

What processes will become automated?

Infinity contains a scheduler that can be set-up so certain tasks are scheduled to be performed automatically at specific times of the day.  The scheduler can even send you email or SMS reminders when certain tasks have been performed just to confirm everything is running smoothly.  End-of-day sales reports, purchase orders and back-ups can all be done automatically to a specific time, meaning you do not have to be present for when they are required.  Have a process specific to your business you would like to automate?  Infinity has the ability to automate most processes within reason.

How will this benefit my business?

Automating day-to-day tasks can have significant benefits to the way you run your business.  By making certain processes automatic, it will not only save time but also allow your staff to focus on operation and service. Less mistakes are also made within the business as there is simply less that can go wrong.  To find out more about the features of Infinity, Contact us today!