Words to Live by in Hospitality

Words to Live by in Hospitality


“My dad told me that success is the will to do something that the average person will not attempt. I think of this every time I try a new recipe, conceptualize a new dish and open a new restaurant.”

–Jeff Mahin, chef/owner, Stella Rossa Pizza Bar, M Street Kitchen and Do-Rite, Santa Monica, CA

“One of my mentors, Carl Johnson, the director of campus activities at my alma mater, Denver University, told me that you make decisions based on fear and love. When you act on fear, you make irrational, poor judgments. When you act on love, you make careful, authentic decisions you can be proud of."

–Max Goldberg, co-owner, Strategic Hospitality, Nashville, TN

“Alain Ducasse said: ‘We don’t need to polish the silver, iron the table cloths, brush the chairs, clean the vegetables like we do. We don’t need to do any of it. But it completely changes the restaurant for the better when we do.’”

–Doug Psaltis, executive chef, RPM Italian, Chicago

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