Win $20k with Newspower!

Win $20k with Newspower!

The Newspower promotion that has everybody excited!

To find out more about the current promotion and thoughts on the overall direction of the organisation we spoke to WA Manager Henrico Smit.  “Our current promotion with the West Australian, which is exclusive to Newspower stores, there is a chance for a reader to win $20K. The West Australian chose to work with Newspower because we are the largest Newsagency marketing group in WA.” By having to enter a Newspower outlet for a chance to enter the draw, customers are encouraged to make more of an association as to which type of newsagent they want to visit.  “This will definitely drive more foot traffic into Newspower stores.”  Promotions such as this assist Newspower members grow their business, without having to go directly into their own pockets.

With such a massive presence across Western Australia, we had to ask Henrico what else made the brand particularly successful and it doesn’t just stop at marketing.  Newspower also provides massive assistance to members when it comes to technology available to the industry.  “Newspower is always aiming to assist members grow their business, may this be through social media a POS system or technology in general. Newspower has identified that newsagents need to embrace technology. Technology is important to newsagents to grow their business, control stock, stock ordering and general ease for running your business.” Newspower recognises the point of difference new technology can provide to customer service as well as the streamlining and simplicity of daily tasks.

As a consecutive winner of Newsagent of the Year, what do you think it takes to be a successful retailer?

“Join a group which will help you grow your business. Go in with an open mind. It is tough doing it all by yourself and it is okay to ask for help. If there is one thing I know you don't know everything.  As newsagents we are all very time poor. Network, network, network I cannot say this enough. 
I myself found that as a newsagent being part of a group like Newspower allowed me to share ideas with like-minded individuals. I found that Newspower supported me with marketing, seasonal promotions and finding partners which may benefit my business. The good thing was I could choose the Newspower partners I wanted to deal with or deal with my own. I was never forced to take products from a partner. Best of all this gave me more time to work on my business.”

Are there more exciting promotions available at Newspower, what can we expect in 2014 and 2015?

“The other exclusive promotion to Newspower is the Telethon Books. These promotions are supported by TV, radio and newspaper advertising. Every promotion we plan is better than the previous. We at Newspower are always trying to evolve. Remember it is always about our members and how we will grow their business.”

Much like Newspower, Retail Systems also understands the value of new technology and the importance of customer service in all types of retail businesses.  To see how we can help you call 6102 2000 or email today!