The importance of IT when starting a business

The importance of IT when starting a business

Starting a new business? Don't forget about IT

Thanks to new technologies, it’s easier than ever in history to start your own business. Start-up costs are lower, addressable markets are bigger, talent is easier to find and coordinate, and the tools to innovate are more readily available.

And yet, the reality is that thousands of small businesses fail every day.  But if you’ve just decided to become an entrepreneur, what’s most important to your new venture is not that they are failing, but rather why they are failing. While many are afraid to start a business because of an uncertain economy, the truth is that the overall economy is being driven by small businesses like never before. For instance, small businesses with fewer than 500 employees are impacting the U.S. economy by providing jobs for over half of the nation’s private workforce.

There are many businesses with incredibly disruptive and creative ideas that are shuttering their doors right now, instead of positively changing their respective industries.  Unfortunately, this is not a result of a lack of a good idea or hard work, but because of a huge oversight. Many of these potentially game-changing businesses are forced to close because of improper planning – because they didn’t remember to bring the right access codes.

There are a few of these codes that will be integral to your businesses future success and growth, but today I’m only going to focus on one (you’ll have to stick around for the others).

Access to Technology
Growing firms that are more progressive to invest in technology are poised to see better business performance. In 2012, The SMB Group found that the 60 percent of small and medium businesses (SMBs) planned to invest more in technology, and 85% of these expected revenue growth as a result of their investments. If utilized properly, technology solutions will earn you money hand over fist in the long term – and in business you should always have the long-game at the forefront of your mind.

In the case of my new venture, Worldwide Insight, a full-service public affairs consulting firm, my partner and I didn’t want to waste valuable, early-stage time looking at ten different vendors to piece together our computers, printers, storage, security, wireless network, etc. We needed a “one-stop shop” that could get us up and running and who would serve as a as our technology advisor. Thankfully, Dell filled that role.

Like many, we had made the decision to utilize cloud-based services to save costs and give us flexibility to scale.  Our Dell advisor pointed us in the right direction and suggested Microsoft 365 for collaboration and security. This software enables us to work through the cloud on Microsoft SkyDrive, which is key given that we are on the road a lot.  Also, it will give our admin easy access to our calendars. Within a single month, we now had a virtual secretary, PR representative, a presentation expert, photographer and a social media specialist working together all connected through Dell and Microsoft 365. We have done all this without the hassle of physical space which is a cost advantage for us and our clients.

In conclusion, some things are completely indispensable to a growing business – access to flexible, scalable IT is one of them.

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