SwiftPOS in Hospitality

SwiftPOS in Hospitality



SwiftPOS specifically targets the hospitality industry and provides a variety of point of sale solutions that can assist your business.  The front of house and administration solutions SwiftPOS contains can be customised to achieve the utmost efficiency and help your business achieve its full potential.

There are various aspects within the hospitality industry SwiftPOS can provide solutions for:

Cafe POS- Reduce foot traffic and backlog behind the counter with our fast software, increasing overall cleanliness, organisation and presentation of your business. Bistro Mode is now possible with one docket functionality and no limit to how many people order.

Restaurant POS- Know the preferences of your regulars and implement a loyalty program that will suit your clientele with a descriptive database from RestaurantPOS.  Also monitor: wage costs, staff performance and inventory control/ordering.

Quick Service POS- Have your POS system fully installed within a day, along with the features of your choosing.  Some features include: A large range of analysis and reporting tools, speed of service and scalability among outlets.  SwiftPOS is a cost-effective solution for all hospitality outlets.   

Delivery & Takeaway POS- SwiftPOS handles any simple or complex customer orders from a variety of take away venues such as: Indian, Chinese, Pizza and many more.  It does not matter if you specialise in delivery, phone orders or just regular store takeaways SwiftPOS can provide solutions to all these scenarios with features such as street maps, applications, caller ID and social networking.

Bar & Club POS- Establish pre-set price timing for certain products depending on time of day and heighten profit margins during busy night periods and allow staff to focus on other tasks.

Pub & Hotel POS- Create convenience for your customers with two separate split billing features (the ability to track each individual’s orders or the ability simply divide the order in four ways).  Keep an accurate description of floor plans and track the progress of tables during busy periods to ensure customers are kept satisfied and they return again.

Retail Systems can provide you with a complete consultation and installation of the SwiftPOS systems, as well as technical support and outstanding expertise to ensure your business achieves the results it deserves.