New Technology Exhibition for Retailers

New Technology Exhibition for Retailers

New Technology Exhibition for Retailers

Next month Retail Systems will be hosting its very first New Technology Exhibition and we would like to invite all members of the Grocery, Hospitality and Retail industries to come along and allow us to demonstrate exactly what we can offer to businesses across WA.  Technology from all three industries will be on display alongside our helpful staff to discuss recent product changes, new innovations and provide an accurate analysis of the current market. 

 ‘What are the popular products within my industry?’

‘What isn’t worth my investment?’

 ‘is this technology relevant to my business and how will it affect operations?’

 We will be more than happy to answer these types of questions and many more you may have.  This will not matter whether you are one of our many existing clients or just looking to observe the latest trends.  The event will be across two days on the 15th of May at the Carine Glades Tavern and the 22nd at the Lakers Tavern in Thornlie.  The exhibition will commence at 10am and conclude at 3pm on both days.  To see the type of products we will be focussing on click here.


With many exciting and fascinating technological developments within the grocery industry there will be a variety of solutions worth contemplating at our exhibition.  The new bi-optic imaging scanner scales from Datalogic will be on display, included with a customer facing mobile device reader (great for loyalty cards and promotional codes).  iPads have been a popular piece of technology for both individual and business use (within certain industries). iPad solutions can provide a unique competitive advantage for your business.  Loyalty card printing, digital signage and the latest in portable markdown printers are just other examples of what will be involved in Retail Systems ‘New Technology Exhibition for Retailers’.   

Hospitality & Retail

Are you taking full advantage of all the features of your POS software? Or are you unaware of what a good POS can provide for you? There have been a number of new additions and adaptations in features including: the 3 possible functions now available for split billing, account integration, automatic email reporting and integrated Eftpos. Mobile Coffee Ordering is sweeping the industry with a few businesses in WA already beginning to implement a system, don’t fall away from competitors and ask us how you too can be part of the innovation.  Our POS systems are not just great for hospitality, but also have many great features that can benefit any retail outlet.

Time & Attendance

Forgetting staff availability? Come along to observe how our Time & Attendance systems will never give you the same problems again.  Finger Vein Readers are the way of the future in terms of monitoring your employee’s hours being able to do what previous finger print scanners can't: read fingers when they may have been affected by hands on activities or immersion in water.  Award calculation, monitoring and maintenance of qualifications and licenses, visa monitoring and management and online leave requests are some new features that can also save time and money for your business.  

Information brochures for every product will also be available in case you have any further enquiries or just want to find out more.  Don’t miss out on a fantastic opportunity to see the latest in the market and how it could potentially help your company.  With two convenient locations it will easily be worth the travel to observe what we have to offer.  Free gift bags will be provided upon attendance and we look forward to seeing you there!