New Client: Waldecks

New Client: Waldecks


Waldecks newest store in Stirling has chosen Retail Systems as their Point of Sale provider. Retail Systems was able to offer the owner a personalised POS package that would suit their specific needs.

Their POS package included personalised software that was made to suit the Gardening/Nursery industry with an integrated EFTPOS system. The store now has centralised control of pricing and reporting, automated reports to email, multiple price levels, a loyalty scheme, stock control and more. This unique POS system is easily relatable to the staff at Waldecks Stirling and has allowed for efficiency at the checkout.

The operations manager from Waldecks visited the Stirling store and was pleased at how successful Retail Systems’ POS solution was working. The staff were finding the POS touch screens easy to operate and very efficient. The owner was also very happy with how the POS system was running throughout his store. 

Talks have now begun with Waldecks to start to implement Retail Systems Point of Sale packages across all of their stores. With plans to begin installations in [Insert month] each store will begin to reap the benefits just like Waldecks Stirling centre.

Retail Systems can offer personalised POS packages to suit a variety of stores from Waldecks to IGA to the Terrace Hotel. Contact us today to find out what Retail Systems can offer you.