NCR Advances In Mobile Payments

NCR Advances In Mobile Payments

NCR has launched a software solution that enables consumers to scan products in the aisles with their iPhone, then pay for them (including with PayPal) in one easy step at an NCR self-checkout.

As this video demonstrates, NCR Mobile Shopper can speed up the self-checkout process by executing a single, simultaneous weight-check of every item in the consumer’s basket.  Items without barcodes, such as fresh produce, can be added to the purchase, and then the consumer can choose to pay with cash, card or even PayPal.

The solution is available worldwide and has been launched at Woodman’s Food Markets, a large-format (140,000 SKUs) grocery chain in the United States.  An Android version of the mobile app will be available soon.

The integration of PayPal into NCR Mobile Shopper is the result of a global partnership between the two companies announced in January.

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