Move into the digital age

Move into the digital age

Keeping up with the latest trends in technology is not an option for food service businesses; it's a necessity - especially considering the proliferation of smart phones and other mobile devices.

How to move your business into the digital age

Dining establishments have to evolve and take advantage of what technology can do for them in order to continually be ahead of their competitors. Regardless of the type of dining establishment that you operate, you can make it tech-friendly without compromising your business theme and/or ambience.

Making technological improvements to your establishment not only shows that you understand the wants and needs of your patrons, it also makes you a more appealing venue for your customers, and improves the likelihood that they’ll visit again.

Below are five ways you can make use of technology in your business.

1. Wi-Fi service
 A lot of dining establishments - particularly cafes - already offer this service. With the popular use of various mobile devices, having Wi-Fi in dining establishments will also mean providing the utmost convenience for your customers.
2. Online reservations
 One of the best ways to improve your restaurants tech-offering is by making it easy for customers to make reservations. This practice has been well-utilised by many hotels for some time now and you can provide the same convenience to your customers. Going online can make the reservation process easier and quicker. If you think it will be a hassle to set up an in-house reservation system like this, there are several online companies from which you can easily outsource this service.
3. Tablet menus
 Mobile devices are the way to go, so instead of going for the usual leather bound or plastic laminated menus, you can push it up several notches with the use of tablet computers. Doing this would certainly improve engagement with customers excited and enticed by high quality pictures of what your restaurant has to offer. Additionally, offering tablet menus might prove less costly in the long run compared to using paper or plastic menus. Tablets also make it easier to advertise promotions, specials or meal packages.
4. Digital displays
 Many restaurants still use chalkboards and pin boards for their daily and weekly specials. Unless this is part of your establishment’s ambience, it would be good to take advantage of technology and use digital displays instead. Depending on your budget, you can install some dedicated digital monitors to display your latest offerings – daily special meals, promos, upcoming events – the works. This would certainly be easier and neater to maintain than chalkboards.
5. Mobile application
 The popularity of mobile devices and applications provides an opportunity for you to extend your services to your customers even when they are not inside your dining establishment. Some of the services you may offer via your restaurant’s mobile application are online reservations, ordering capabilities, requests for delivery and order payments.

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