Mobility - The Flexible Future

Mobility - The Flexible Future

  1. If you could invest in a tool that helped you work faster, connected you to customers quicker, made your team more productive and meant you could respond immediately to market shifts and changes, would you?

The answer is, of course you would, which is why savvy SMBs are rapidly getting switched on to the huge advantages mobile technology has to offer any business that wants to stay ahead, not get left behind.

The reason is that the impact of going mobile isn’t just the convenience of having a lightweight tablet or laptop in your briefcase.

As the SMB Group in the US recently said: “Mobile devices, applications and services are dramatically reshaping SMBs revenue models, business strategies and how employees interact with other employees, partners and customers.”

With mobile devices set to overtake laptop use in the next two to four years, switched-on SMBs need to use mobile technology to get the most out of their resources and increase productivity.

Last year, 94 per cent of SMBs surveyed by American retailer CDW said that tablets, ultrabooks, notebooks and mobile phones were making their businesses more efficient. Top uses for the devices included creating documents, managing processes, communicating with remote employees and tracking customer records.

All of which means, that being absent from the office doesn’t have to stall essential work being done or stymie communication with either employees or with customers.

There are some key issues that any SMB should take into consideration when choosing to go mobile. Here are our four tips for getting your business on the road successfully:


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