Mobile: the future of POS

Mobile: the future of POS

Department Store chain J.C. Penney introduced mobile POS in it's stores in August and intends to replace all existing cash registers with mobile POS using iPod Touches by 2014. Penney's joins high end Department Store Nordstrom that also introduced over 6,000 iPod Touches for mobile POS in certain departments during 2011 and also intends to eventually replace all their static POS systems across all 117 stores.  Nordstrom now have more mobile POS than traditional static POS systems. Unlike many other Department Stores, Nordstrom have reported sales increases across both 2011 and 2012 with both the average number of items sold and average selling price increasing.  While mobile POS provides a faster and more convenient experience for customers it also reduces the time customers have to re-think their purchases while waiting in line before they reach the register and eliminates lost sales when customers walk out because the queue is too long.  The original Forbes article on Nordstrom is here.

Like Nordstrom, Macy's Department Store have also been busy equipping sales associates in selected departments with mobile POS handheld devices to improve the customer experience and take payments on the shop floor.  This is alongside a considerable investment by Macys in Online, in-store WiFi, Google store maps and RFID Stock Control.  More details can be found here.

Also like the department stores, USA based DIY giants Home Depot and Lowes have also both deployed iPod Touch and iPhone based mobile POS with payments across their USA stores with Lowes reported to have rolled out over 42,000 iPhones to sales associates.

In an article in Multi-Channel Merchant; "Urban Outfitters fully loaded POS", Urban Outfitters CIO told analysts about their moves to replace their traditional POS systems with mobile POS on iPads and iPod Touches.  Urban outfitters began deploying handheld devices for mobile POS about two years ago.

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