Keep patrons happy

Keep patrons happy

It’s peak trading on a Saturday night and the bar area is overflowing with patrons lining up to order a drink. The mood is relaxed as they chat amongst friends and wait patiently. Fast forward half an hour and the mood has transformed to slight frustration! Not only is there still no room to move, but patrons are also unable to order a drink due to the long queues at the bar till.

The frustration is becoming vocal and unfortunately many patrons are forced to leave as they feel they have over waited and head to another venue for a drink. Opportunity lost, business lost and the unfortunate reality that many of these patrons most likely will not be returning to your venue any time soon.

How do you avoid this pattern from occurring on a regular basis? Do you employ more staff? Should you introduce more fixed til registers? Or do you simply accept that this situation is unavoidable given the layout of the venue? Well the answer is no, no and no again…

Retail Systems has clever, mobile POS tablets which have the same screen interface as their fixed POS tills, enabling you to offer service to your patrons from anywhere within your venue. No need to wait for a patron to be seated to take their order, with your POS tablet in hand you are fully equipped to tend to their needs.

POS tablet offers an extra service upon arrival and is a great platform to increase revenue in a non-invasive manner. The tablet device can simply be integrated with your preferred mobile EFTPOS service, allowing you to not only accept orders, but also an instant payment. Orders are sent directly to the kitchen in real time and customers can enjoy a quiet drink whilst they wait. A win-win situation for both your patron and your venue!

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