How is Digital Signage contributing to your customer's in-store experience?

How is Digital Signage contributing to your customer's in-store experience?


The HP Retail Solutions team experts in specialty, general merchandise, grocery and hospitality areas, led by VP and GM Ray Carlin, were also on hand to talk about the latest technology developments for retail. These were just a few of the cool displays at this year’s event:

- Touch displays with innovative software that attracted and encouraged customers to “build their own snowboard” or view and select other recommendations, and to share their chosen content over Facebook or buy it on the spot 

- Large wall displays made up of multiple screens that can run videos and music to enhance a store’s digital ambiance

- Seamless integration between digital signage screens and mobile technologies like store associate tablets and customers’ own smartphones to help unify customer touch points across multiple channels and enhance the in-store experience.

To see a few of these exciting innovations that took place in the HP booth at NRF, check out the video below to hear from partners sharing their latest digital signage solutions and ways to further engage with customers.

While digital signage is still largely an up-and-coming trend for most retailers and even corporate environments in 2013, it already has a lot to offer businesses. According to Gartner research, 70 percent of consumers make their actual buying decisions after entering the store.
This represents an enormous opportunity for retailers, especially those retailers who are willing to go beyond the traditional in-store marketing. In addition, for retailers looking to gain immediate feedback from customers, there are now options to enable interactive surveys on POS terminals. 
Have you considered how you could use immediate customer feedback to your advantage to more directly align your company’s message and merchandise with your core audience?  Whether it’s a one-to-one or one-to-many interaction, digital signage provides the information and the visuals to create great customer interaction.

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