How apps help restaurants drive profits

How apps help restaurants drive profits

For restaurants, mobile is changing the customer service model by enabling more discrete time optimization. Marketers need to evaluate how to adapt their business to the rapid mobile wave coming their way and appeal to a growing mobile audience. Time is precious, and even saving a few minutes waiting in line could be the deciding factor on where to dine or grab take-out.

Restaurants are finding ways to deploy mobile solutions that appeal to customers who want faster service. In fact, 37.5 percent of fast casual restaurants offer online ordering, more than any other restaurant type. Customers have quickly and widely embraced mobile apps because they solve multiple time and convenience problems.

Here are ways mobile apps help restaurants drive customers and profits:

•Enable customers to order, pay and submit orders from a mobile device.

•Provide customers with better time savings experience.

•Enable customers to skip long lines at peak business hours to service the loyal mobile customer.

•Process more orders faster to more customers during peak times by routing mobile orders to a kitchen with capacity to fill orders.

•And eliminate "look and leave" and "drive-by" customers from walking away or deserting the restaurant.

Restaurants that provide a high-quality, streamlined mobile app experience get placed ahead of their competitors who use only Web-based browser services, including mobile Web. To stay competitive, today's leaders are moving business forward with fun, customer-centric native iOS apps that provide a positive experience that compels customers to keep coming back again and again.

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