Growing Appetite For Self-Service

Growing Appetite For Self-Service

New study reveals a growing appetite for self-service among consumers

Personalized automation may be the ticket to winning the wallets of global consumers, according to the Cisco Customer Experience Report released today.

The global report examined the impact of automation, self-service and omnichannel shopping experiences and consumers' views about providing their personal information in exchange for more personalized services.

The majority (61 percent) of global consumers are open to shopping at a fully automated self-service store with vending machines and kiosks offering a virtual customer service. Additionally, 52 percent prefer self-checkout stations in order to avoid waiting in line to make purchases.

Highlights and key facts of the study include:

- Omnichannel shopping experience grows: One-third (34 percent) of global consumers use multiple channels when shopping. The survey shows 23 percent of consumers recently made in-store purchases based on research they did online, and 11 percent of shoppers purchased online after seeing the product in a retail store.

- Avoiding lines: The majority of consumers globally (52 percent) prefer self-checkout kiosks in order to avoid waiting in line to make a purchase.

- Price check/product availability: When researching products in the store, 43 percent of shoppers prefer using their own mobile phone, while 57 percent prefer to use in-store touch screens.

- Rise of the digital mall: The majority (61 percent) of global consumers would be willing to shop in a completely automated store with vending machines and kiosk stations offering virtual customer service. Forty-two percent would actually prefer to shop in these kinds of environments.

- Automated shopping tips: Two-thirds (65 percent) of global consumers are comfortable receiving location-based retail advice via their mobile device.

- Desire for more personal customer service: Although many shoppers want automation when purchasing, consumers are nearly evenly divided, with 58 percent preferring to receive help from an in-store associate.

"The data in the Cisco Customer Experience Report shows a growing consumer desire for an omnichannel shopping experience, where the speed and personalization they receive online is delivered in an increasing self-service manner in the store," said Jon Stine of the Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group.

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