Cutting edge POS technology

Cutting edge POS technology

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When I think of Japan, two of the first things to come to my mind are sushi and cutting edge technology. Guess which one this article is about.

That’s right, sushi—I mean technology. Point of sale software to be more precise. Last November, Japanese company Science Works released a POS system called RealtimeManager, which was developed specifically for restaurant chains. Like many POS systems, RealtimeManager collects data in—you guessed it—real time. But there is one important difference between this system and the majority of others: RealtimeManager is able to analyse this real-time data in order to show customers using the company’s smartphone app which restaurants currently have seating available. This means that hungry would-be diners can peruse dining options not only by rating and menu before stepping foot into a restaurant, but also by whether or not they’ll be able to be seated right away.

This is fantastic. I am not currently aware of any apps that provide a similar service here in the United States (if you know of one, please let me know in the comments section below), but I feel confident that a similar app would be welcomed with open arms. I can’t even count how many times my husband and I have bounced restaurant to restaurant in search of immediate seating on a Friday or Saturday night—and I’m talking about chain restaurants, just like this app serves, the kinds of places where you expect to be able to walk in and get a table without waiting.

From a business perspective, RealtimeManager has some great attributes beyond its obvious appeal to consumers. For one thing, the POS software automatically analyses incoming data to determine availability, so it doesn’t require any extra work by restaurant staff. Additionally, the smartphone app encourages customers to come when seating is available and not to further crowd the restaurant when it is already filled to capacity; a feature that as a former member of the service industry I’m sure is greatly appreciated by staff.

As I mentioned, Science Works is a Japanese company and RealtimeManager is only available in Japan. Currently, the service is available at about 400 restaurants, but according to Akihabara News the company intends to expand significantly over the next year.

Will they expand to the United States? I’ve found no indication of such a thing, but as someone who on numerous occasions has driven twenty minutes to an Applebees only to find an inhumanly long line trickling out the door, my fingers are crossed.

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