Aussies still prefer fast food, yet cafe's rising

Aussies still prefer fast food, yet cafe's rising

A report from Enhanced Media Metrics Australia (EMMA) released by market research company Ipsos has uncovered more than half of Australians visited a fast food chain in the past month. 

The report revealed they took their business to the likes of McDonald’s, KFC and Subway an average of four times over the period. 

According to Simon Wake, the managing director of Ipsos MediaCT, certain sub-groups were found to be particularly fond of fast food.

“Its students, sales people and labourers who are the heaviest users of quick service restaurants,” he said.

Eating out at cafes is also a popular dining choice for Australians.

Sixty-two percent of Victorian respondents and 60 percent of people from New South Wales and the ACT said they eat at a cafe at least once a month, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Overall residents in New South Wales and the ACT dine out the most, with 83 percent opting to avoid cooking at home at least once a month, which is slighlty above the national average of 81 percent. 

The 81 percent includes fast food chains and quick service restaurants, which account for more than half of visits. 

McDonald’s was the most popular fast food chain among respondents – 42 percent opted for the burger chain in the last month.

Twenty-nine percent purchased a meal from Subway, 23 percent cent headed to KFC, Hungry Jack’s was the chain of choice for 16 percent of respondents and pizza brand Domino’s accounted for 11 percent of visits.

The report found the nation’s fast food chains received 30.5 million takeaway visits and 21 million eat-in visits each month, which highlights people are too busy to prepare nutritious meals themselves. 

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