5 reasons tablets can make great POS

5 reasons tablets can make great POS

You might have noticed them at your local coffee shop, where the barista now swivels the screen so you can pay for your latte. Or at the corner boutique, where a touchscreen display sits inside a quirky bamboo case. Wherever you first saw a tablet computer replacing pen and paper or a traditional cash register, one thing’s for sure: you’ll be seeing a lot more of them soon. According to recent reports, nearly half of all small and medium businesses are considering a tablet point-of-sale (POS) solution. Meanwhile, national department stores are ramping up plans to completely phase out their registers, and restaurant chains are expanding their test markets.
Here's why a tablet is your perfect POS solution

It’s time to take notice, and ask the question: Can tablets support your business goals?

For a growing number of retailers, the answer is a definite yes. Tablets may have been little more than high-tech fashion statements in the past, but the hardware and software markets have matured. Current tablet-based POS systems are helping businesses improve their customer relations, shrink costs and grow their bottom line. Here's how:

1. Customer engagement. High-resolution tablet displays that can tilt or turn toward the customer provide the perfect opportunity to show a seasonal advertisement, suggest a product upgrade, or interact with a loyalty program. Retailers can connect the checkout with social media to extend the experience beyond the store. And the ease of updating means content can always be kept fresh and relevant.

2. Lower costs. The latest generation of retail tablets is more affordable than ever, often costing less than half that of a traditional register system. And depending on the tablet system selected, maintenance and upgrade fees can be considerably cheaper as well.

3. Multiple uses. Tablets are making it easy to take advantage of your downtime. Devices with Windows 8.1 give you the power to do finances, scheduling, payroll and other business tasks without the expense an additional device. And their light form factor makes it easy to take them with you wherever you need to work. If your business is in a less secure location like a mall kiosk, simply take the tablet home at the end of the day for safekeeping or after-hours projects.

4. Easier training. Forget about old, difficult and proprietary hardware that makes updating products—and training your staff on those changes—a nightmare. Intuitive touchscreen controls make interacting with the register natural, and network connectivity can make updates and inventory status just a click away. Associates can also view product demonstration videos during non-peak times to continue training without leaving the sales floor.

5. Cloud services. Bring the benefits of Big Data into your store. Tablet-based registers make integrating sales data with the cloud easier than ever. Apps are available on Windows-based systems to automate this process so your inventory, loyalty programs, and other key data points are always accurate.

It's estimated that over 500 million people will be paying with mobile and tablet devices by 2016.

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