4 key trends in grocery shopping preferences

4 key trends in grocery shopping preferences

With the recent Nielsen study stating that “As of Q1 2014, for the first time, a majority of all age groups own smartphones,” there is a clear opportunity for Grocery stores to engage customers of all ages. Grocery stores, like other retailers, can use customer engagement can to
 increase sales and reduce costs.

Grocery stores invest millions of dollars to promote bargains in weekly advertisements. They spend countless hours stocking the shelves with new fads in healthy eating. All of these resources can be put to better use.

Today, technologies exist that allow organizations to quickly gather data from many sources including social media. Data derived from consumer reactions can help Grocers predict exactly which food products will fly off the shelves and which will flop. By studying social data and consumer research, we can take a peek into what’s filling customers’ carts.

To get started, we asked ourselves – what drives food shopping trends, bargains or healthy eating?  We’ve analyzed social sentiment to gain insight into people’s perceptions about grocery shopping. Here’s a snapshot:

Meet the Shoppers: See the four personas that make up your food retail audience.


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