2nd Ave Grand Opening!

2nd Ave Grand Opening!


2nd Ave is a brand new grocery store that has just started operating in the heart of Mount Lawley, located just minutes away from the Perth CBD.  Lit-up by its bright, distinctive sign out the front of the shop it is looking to catch the of the local customer base and create curiosity.  Upon arrival customers will be exposed to the stylish, clean and spacious displays 2nd Ave has throughout the shop floor.  The range of fresh produce on offer is described by General Manager Paul Boulden: ‘Any fresher and we’d be farmers’.  

By building the business on these foundations, 2nd Ave will develop a strong, loyal clientele that will come to expect the fresh produce and comfortable atmosphere they became familiar with.  The maintenance of these expectations could be imperative in determining how successful the business is in the long-term. Making tasks more convenient and less complicated for staff means they are happier and more likely to display consistent levels of excellent customer service and carry out all daily tasks required.  With software systems to control staff time and attendance and Inventory control, 2nd Ave will be able to maintain constant efficiency due to the time and money they will save from the use of our products.

Assistance provided by our client services team meant software systems were installed and the business was ready to open by the 21st of March.  With our help the management staff of 2nd Ave can now: monitor employee hours accurately with a clock-in/clock-out system that will save employers money in time theft, have a fully functioning point of sale service with graphics which will save time for customers and create more time for employees, and inventory management which will make ordering a task that will take no more than a few minutes for him or others.  Time is saved by both the General Manager and staff, allowing them to efficiently cope with both customer service and store maintenance thanks to the software provided by Retail Systems. 

The official store opening of 2nd Ave will be in early April.